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Seven’s Beijing Olympic Games RSVP Pack - 2008 


Client: The Seven Network

Walkin’ Promotions developed this exceptional range with a clear vision of what the brand represented and what the client wanted to achieve.

In addition to budget requirements; very strict safety and quality standards needed to be adhered to.
As the official Australian Broadcaster of the 2008 Olympic Games, Seven Network was hosting their most extensive Corporate Hospitality Program to date. They wanted to intrigue, excite and engage the VIP guests with a range of sophisticated merchandise that would convey the spirit of the Beijing Olympics and reflect their brand at the highest level. Walkin’ Promotions were responsible for the overall creative design, production and delivery of the entire range.  It was their driving goal to create products that guests would embrace as lifetime mementos.
There were three phases developed for this promotion.  First the invitation/RSVP packs were sent out.  Followed by ticketing and information packs, and finally a welcome pack for the Games in Beijing.
The smallest details were given the highest attention and each item was scrutinised before production by the client and also the IOC. Walkin’ Promotions were also responsible for managing all aspects of budget, production, quality control, packaging, warehousing and freight in both countries at the same time.


3 Gold and the overall Platinum Pyramid Award