The “little dancing man” in our logo has a long, long history.

Sacred to the Anasazi Indians, Kokopelli is an ancient figure from Native American Indian folklore and spirituality.

Known as a “hero with a thousand faces”, Kokopelli is Musician, Priest, Warrior, God of Abundance & Fertility.

The little humpbacked Flute player is mediator between the spiritual and material worlds; he brings good luck and prosperity to all who take the time to walk with him and inspires us to seek harmony, health and happiness.

Documented as a peaceful trader, he danced his way across the lands bringing exotic wares from faraway places. Nothing was too hard for him to find and he was known as the first “GO TO” guy.

We dance daily to his tune. We laugh, we sing, we play pranks on each other. We seek to be as madly creative as we can. We love life and we love what we do.

Take a little walk on the wild side.

Walk this way......